A celebration of you and your history.


Have you ever thought of the family photograph as art? In truth your family is the the most meaningful subject matter; might I even say, your greatest creation. How would it feel to see your family captured artfully and displayed beautifully in your home?


No longer having to be the sole documentarian of your family and your life. Can you feel the guilt of not being able to do it all start to fade away?

In your busy life it is so hard to make photographing your family the priority, especially the part where you put it all in a neat little book, or in a frame for the wall.

Just Think…

Think how wonderful it will feel to be IN a photograph! As the primary care-taker and family historian extraordinaire, you are often left out of history. This is simply not okay. It is time to be seen and highlighted, and be as present in the images as you are in your families’ life.


This is meant to be fun. There is nothing about this that requires any seriousness (unless we’re re-creating American Gothic) or stress. It also doesn’t require that you be outgoing or confident. All we need is you to be you ( yes, it’s true). And if you have kids in tow, we know they are definitely going to be themselves, and we will embrace it! This is all about real: real life, real expressions, real emotions and real fun!


This is an intentional process, which means we will get to know each other and together sink in deeper to discover what it is you want captured. You will be heard, felt and seen. This is a meaningful process and intentional approach culminating in photographic art.

Think of me as your creative partner in crafting a beautiful documentation and visual celebration of your story, your family, your own, unique, life.

Now breathe. I’ve got you. This is going to be fun.

Image of a mother in a blue dress and white sweater hugging her 8 year old daughter to her while they look off the the left of the images. They are standing in a golden field with blue sky and mountains behind them. The girl is wearing a flowing pink floral dress.