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Time Zips By So Fast.

As a mom, I get it- You want to capture family moments and phases, but real life moves quickly, and milestones slip by. 

  • No bandwidth to plan a session?
  • Not feeling like you want to be in the photographs? 
  • Burdened by never getting to the printing part?


I was stressed about getting my family organized and being photographed myself. Sharolyn has a natural way of making you feel comfortable and lighthearted during the session! She has amazing photography skills and a relaxing demeanor that takes the pressure off everyone involved. She has created phenomenal artwork pieces for our family over the years. She delivers you a framed treasure ready to hang. We love her!


Sharolyn has a playful and artistic eye that captures the essence of her subjects in the most captivating way. 

One thing that truly stood out to me was how deeply she cares for her clients. Sharolyn's passion for what she does is evident in every interaction. She creates a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, making the entire experience refreshing and unique. It's clear that she puts her heart and soul into her work, resulting in stunning photographs that are both meaningful and beautiful.


Sharolyn has been our family photographer for six years, and we adore her. She is great at helping everyone feel at ease during the photo shoot, is carefully tuned to the style/feel you want for photos, and produces gorgeous print work. I love her commitment to artistry in documenting special memories and helping people get the photo results they want with minimal effort. She's a truly talented and caring individual, and I'm so grateful to have her in our lives.



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An at-home consultation is the best way for us to get to know each other and help me understand your needs. We discuss outfits, location and everything in between.



We implement what we planned in our consultation. And because we’re prepared, we can have a fun and easy session that flows in a way that suits your family best.



We sit down and view your images and together we choose your favorites. I will guide you through the printing options that best suit your home and help you order only what you absolutely love.

Learn More About the Process

Be Part of Your History.

So many parents pour themselves into their children and think of themselves last, leading to a loss of self and a sense of invisibility.  It is time to be seen and highlighted, and be as present in the images as you are in your families’ life.

I'm here to witness, celebrate and capture parents with the ones they love best in a way that honors and encapsulates this stage of life.

So that mom and dad feel seen, beautiful, and supported in creating lasting artwork of their family.

Let's Start Creating Your Dream Session

Hi! I'm Sharolyn, a fine art family and portrait photographer (with a BFA from NSCAD, major in Photography), serving Sonoma County and beyond. I know how busy parents are because I am one too. Over the years, I have witnessed in myself and other mothers/primary caregivers how lost and unappreciated and unseen we can feel, to the point that we don't think we even want to be in the photographs because we've not attended to or taken care of our physical selves. This breaks my heart. We are an essential part of our family's history; our children will want to look back and see their parents in their photographs. We must not allow our insecurities to erase us from our history.

This is why I am so passionate about documenting special family moments and seeing you, the parents. I want you to feel validated, beautiful, wanted, and essential; because you are! My deepest wish is that, when you look at your photographs on your wall, you feel a deep joy and recognition of who you were and are in these captured moments.

When I officially started my business six years ago, I simply followed the crowd and gave only digital files to my clients. Years later, I learned almost 98% of my clients had never printed a single image. As a photographer who got her start in the dark room, printing gallery-ready archival photographs, I felt heartbroken for them. I understood all my clients intended to print their photographs, but hectic schedules and lack of time and resources led to inaction. And the worst part was that they felt guilty for not following through. I had assumed that everyone knew where to print their images and how to properly frame and decorate their home with their images, but it was not the case! From that moment, I vowed to serve my clients better and that I would no longer leave them halfway to the finish line. Now I take my clients by the hand through an easy and fun process to design and print heirloom quality artwork and albums from premium photography labs. Not only do my clients receive finished pieces to hang on their walls, these pieces will last and be handed down to the next and future generations.

I look forward to meeting and creating art with you!

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