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It's Time to Vote for the Ulti-Mutt Cutie!

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Instructions for voting:

There will be 5 rounds of voting. Each round will be open for 2 days. You can vote once per day with a valid email.

1. Click on the voting link 

2. You will see two dogs matched together. Vote for one.

3. The next set will pop up. Continue to vote until there are no more dogs to vote on. 

Note:First round you will vote 16 times, Second round you will vote 8 time, Third round, 4 times etc. PLEASE VOTE FOR ALL DOGS and NOT JUST YOUR OWN!

4. Fill in your name and email and DON'T FORGET TO CLICK ENTER when you are finished!

You may vote once per day!

Voting opens at 9am every day and ends at midnight.


Watch the video to learn more about how to cast your vote!

About Pets Lifeline


Pets Lifeline protects and improves the lives of cats and dogs in need in Sonoma Valley through sheltering and adoption, humane education and community programs.


Before 1982 there were no local animal shelters available to help Sonoma Valley cope with strays and abandoned animals. This lack of animal services motivated a handful of animal lovers to create a local animal welfare organization, known as Pets Lifeline.

About Sharolyn Townsend

I am a boutique portrait photographer, specializing in family, which, of course, includes pets. I live and work in Sonoma county. Outside of photography, I knit, cook, sing, read and spend as much time as I can with my family. Creating lasting artwork of the ones you love is my passion and purpose.

Your Pooch is a Work of Art!

Did you know that artwork that features your pooch can be the most dynamic and exciting piece in your home?

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